I have known Stephanie for several years and have always been impressed with her marketing skills, particularly as it relates to what she does online. I have been specifically impressed with her amazing work on the Smith & Associates website… she was professional, focused, and so easy to work with.

Jose Perez

Global Real Estate Executive

…An absolute Rock Star! She is extremely motivated, professional, and intelligent, and is amazing with all of her technical gifts…

John Skemp

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates Real Estate

Stephanie was extremely responsive to our needs and very detail-oriented! She always had a positive, can-do attitude even though our work always seemed to be under tight deadlines. Stephanie is simply fantastic!

David Howell

Executive Vice President, McEnearney Associates

Stephanie has consistently put forth in her IT position systems that have helped all the realtors at Smith be more productive. She “gets” the role of of a real estate agent and designs systems and procedures that are practical and help us do our jobs better.

Ted Anderson

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates Real Estate

… I’d recommend her for any position… She is not afraid of the unknown. The unknown inspires her to be better – whether learning a new Excel code, taking a college course, or a new position in the company. She was always positive and working with her was a pleasure.

Julia Finkbeiner

Associate Director - Business Integration, Verizon Wireless

Stephanie worked extremely well with colleagues across all departments. She approached her work in a very organized and strategic manner, yet showed the utmost flexibility in dealing with the changing demands of her position.

Yvette Rubenzer

Marketing Director, Gardner-Gibson Inc.

Working with Stephanie has been a real pleasure. Her knowledge in the tech and web field is amazing. She is always professional, accessible and solution oriented. I have considered it an honor to work with her.

Jane Spector

REALTOR®, Keller Williams

Stephanie has an incredible work ethic and patience. Stephanie’s role at Smith is one that requires constant attention to detail, as well as a lot of instructing. With her incredible positive attitude and sense of humor she has make an incredible impression and legacy at Smith and Associates.

Steve Armstrong

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates

I really enjoyed working with Stephanie as she always had a pleasant and positive attitude. We worked together on a few projects and she was accountable for her action items and always got things done when needed.

Mike Dohar

Associate Director - End User Support, Verizon Wireless

Stephanie brings a high level of enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity to all of her projects, making it a pleasure to work with her. The projects she’s created for my business have far exceeded original expectations, and I look forward to working with her again on many ventures in the future.

Jeffrie van Loveren

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates

In the unique world of Real Estate, Stephanie, who is on staff, is both my colleague and a service provider for my Sales team, as we are Independent Contractors. In this ‘dual’ capacity she has acted as trainer, trouble shooter, and most importantly, valued advisor and consultant. With her help, we are embracing a new way of communicating and interacting, as technology continues to reshape our industry and business in general.

Paul Hendriks

Broker/CEO, Gulf to Bay Homes & Estates

Stephanie does a great job at whichever of her multitude of tasks she is executing: designing new programs, implementing new programs, training, and support. She has to interface with so many different personalities and skill levels, but always keeps a smiling face and helpful nature.

Pam Stine

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates

Stephanie is a bright and creative mind in and beyond the field of technology. She is a highly respected resource in our company. She also possesses very effective communication skills in order to forward her ideas and knowledge to those less than tech minded!

Nikki Phillips

Vice President, Real Estate Services, Smith & Associates Real Estate

Stephanie is a tremendous asset… She has built a technology department that rivals all other Real Estate companies. Her knowledge and skills have given us the tools to take our business to the next level. She also has the ability to explain and teach technology tools, which is extremely valuable. In addition to her tech expertise, Stephanie is a caring, generous person who volunteers her time and artistic skills to our annual events with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She is an admired, trusted, and dedicated professional.

Isabel Caruso

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates Real Estate

When I worked with Stephanie I found her to be the most knowledgeable and helpful individual I have encountered in the world of tech, lead generation, and lead management. She was also the best at explaining at any level of expertise how it all works together and how to improve the system. To this day she remains, in my mind, the one person with the most in depth knowledge of lead generation and CRM I have encountered anywhere.

Betsy Myers

Business Coordinator, McEnearney Associates

Stephanie Streeter is such an asset to our firm, extremely proactive and progressive in technology. We are blessed to have her on our team!

Dave Traynor

VP Real Estate & Developer Services, Smith & Associates Real Estate

Stephanie is one of the most humble people I have had the honor to work with over my many years. She is extremely intelligent, capable, energetic, creative, talented, patient, and also totally human, sensitive, and FUN!

"B" Armstrong

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates Real Estate

Stephanie is a quick learner, who picks up new skills and abilities with expertise. She is highly technical and has a wealth of knowledge on systems and tools. Stephanie was the go to person in the office because she was quick to assist with any task presented to her. If I had to describe Stephanie in one word, it would be “AWESOME”.

Pamela Swain

Staff Assistant, Alltel

Stephanie is consistant and thorough with every task she is given; helpful, always going above and beyond what is expected; attacks every problem with the same “can do” attitude and always the ultimate professional to work with. She has taken the time to proficiently “train” me personally in areas where “the old dog thought she couldn’t learn the new tricks”! She is a great friend and “team” player!

Vivian Hunsucker

Office Manager, Smith & Associates

Stephanie always maintained a professional demeanor and kept a positive attitude while performing well beyond expectations. I could always rely on Stephanie for assistance on matters directly related to her mission or not. I truly enjoyed working with Stephanie.

Patrick Cumba

National Security Advisor

I can always depend on Stephanie for a professional attitude to any need that arises. Her knowledge along with good work ethic make her a definite asset to our company.

Claudia Joiner

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates

It was a great pleasure to work with Stephanie at Alltel. Stephanie is full of creative energy but manages tasks with strong attention to detail and with great organizational skills. She holds very sensitive information with the highest confidence and manages an office with very friendly and efficient hand. Stephanie has strong technological skills which made it easy to get information quickly and accurately. I highly recommend Stephanie.

Kim Smithers

Senior Director - Product Marketing, Web.com

Stephanie has an interesting and challenging job, which entails interacting with about 150 Realtors and staff on a daily basis. Her technology skills and knowledge aside, she is creative, organized, detail oriented and a talented multi-tasker. She is a tremendous asset to our company in so many ways, but her willingness to find solutions for the needs of her co-workers, even at times when she has her own deadlines, and always with a smile on her face, is one of her most exceptionable and appreciated traits. She is truly an asset to our business.

Janet Mendez

REALTOR®, Smith & Associates

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